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. >> shepard: nothing you can do about that in just the past 24 hours, toyota announced another recall, its second in a week. it also agreed to pay the largest fine ever for a car company for fail to tell regulators about problems with sticking gas pedals. that's, of course, on top of the 8 million vehicles toyota has already recalled. it may look like a public relations disaster. but, as it turns out, sales are up. drivers are still buying to its. phil keating is live in our florida newsroom tonight. what's the deal here? >> well, shep, one big reason that toyota's u.s. sales in march jumped 41% over march '09 was historic buyer incentives worth about $2,300 per vehicle. yet, every toyota customer we spoke with, one after another, said good toyota news or bad toyota news it just doesn't matter. they just love the brand. >> jeff, call on 700. >> you could call leann mcgrapth toyota's quintessential customer. >> it's nice. >> she says she has owned six or seven to its so far. her two sons own to its. and now she is shopping for another one. >> i just feel they are safe. they are proven time
. this is progress. visa. currency of progress. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers-- moving you forward. >> how about the washington nationals? they continue to play a surprisingly solid baseball. they put another win in the column today against the dodgers. ground ball to short, over to second, over to the first -- over to first, over to second, a double play. what justin. the guy can run. the national's win. the top of the tent. this guy was just called up this weekend. they hold out in the ninth and win. the capitals are back. they had practiced today in arlington. but coach increased intensity. friday was a head-scratcher and a disappointing loss. coach says, these guys have to be ready to give their all tomorrow night in montreal. >> i think it is important because it is important to play a good game. we are ready. we are sure the crowd will be ready. >> it was good to see eric back on the ice. it has been a couple of tough days for him. he took a shot to the mouth courtesy of a montreal player. he had to spend some time at the dentist. he says his dent
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is manufactured by toyota. here it is. the magazine says the suv carries an unusually high risk of a rollover accident during certain types of turns. it's urging people not to buy the vehicle until the problem has been fixed. 5,000 gs-460s have been recalled. toyota is taking a serious look at the problem and appreciates consumer reports for bringing it to the company's attention. >>> how tough should you be when it comes to tough love? this is quite a debate. a new study on spanking is out. is it a good way to discipline your kids? we'll tell you what research found and get your views on corporal punishment. >>> new information in the search for missing florida girl haleigh cummings. apparently the search is on again. the putnam county sheriff's office said authorities are acting on a tip but won't, laberate beyond that. hill haleigh cummings was last seen in her father ronald's home. here's her picture. take a good look. ronald's then girlfriend and ex-wife misty croslin claims she put haleigh to bed that night and that was the last anyone saw of her. >>> well, there is more evidence that s
to fly over the volcano to get a better look at what's going on. >>> we have another toyota recall to tell you about. the car maker says it is recalling about 600,000 sienna minivans. cables could snap while driving. the spare could fall into the road and become a hazard for other drivers. but only affects siennas in cold-weather states. >>> haiti's top prosecutor denies the country dropped charges against american missionaries accused of kidnapping 33 children after january's earthquake. yesterday, a spokesman told cnn the kidnapping charges against nine missionaries were dropped. but haiti's attorney general said that is incorrect. adding that a judge will decide whether a case goes to trial or not. a senior state department official also told cnn the charges were dropped. the missionary group's leader is still behind bars. >>> convicted sex offender john gardner pleaded guilty to killing a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old. in june, he is expected to get two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. his plea spares him from a possible death sentence. the families
. >> the military says a u.s. soldier was killed during the assault when a helicopter ended up crashing. >>> toyota agrees to pay a record fine, but its problems are not over. why the fallout from its sticking accelerator recall is only the beginning. >>> real estate developer donald trump is known for saying exactly what he thinks. so what does he think about the real estate market and the economy in general? poppy harlow said down to kind of pick his brain. i think we sometimes forget that he did make some money in real estate because we just think of him as a personality now. >> a lot of it. not just the one saying "you're fired" on the apprentice. we talked. it was a long talk about the economy, jobs, housing and the recovery. he spoke in depth that the fear of the fall of commercial real estate, office buildings, et cetera, could be worse than the decline of the housing market. he address that had and more. take a quick look. >> in terms of commercial real estate in general, the fear is that it will be worse than the housing fallout. do you think that's possible? >> i don't think
it intends to bring them to trial. >>> automaker toyota is in damage control mode yet again. it comes after an internal toyota e-mail surfaced raising new questions about whether toyota hid safety problems. cnbc's phil lebeau covers the auto industry for us. what else was in this memo or e-mail? >> reporter: it's short e-mail. we have a copy here. the most damaging language from irv miller who retired from the company shortly after the recall notices went out, but the most damaging comments, essentially, he says, we can no longer hide what's going on here. we need to come clean about the fact that there is a problem with our gas pedals. they are defective and they want to work out a solution with nhtsa, the national highway traffic safety administration. more than anything what this e-mail does is it undercuts the message that toyota has been putting out to the american public since early january which is, we understand that there are concerns about what's happening with our vehicles. we are moving as quickly as possible to address the situation. tamron, this e-mail was sent on january 16th
is straight ahead. bill: also, what did they know, when did they know it. talking about toyota and the problems with that gas pedal. was there a coverup? reports of the toyota executive urging the company to come clean. it's impossible to replace anybody that you love. she was my great role model, my grammy keaton. it was pretty much of a shock for us when she got colon cancer. we were -- none of us were prepared for that. here's the deal, and this is the bottom line here -- colorectal cancer is the second-leading cancer killer of men and women over the age of 50. and you know what -- this is one that you can prevent. just get screened, okay? i know how precious life is right now. we can all do this. you can do it, i can do it. if i can do it, you can do it, okay? how's that for a deal? arrested a man in san francisco for making threatening phone calls to the house speaker nancy pelosi over health care reform. federal investigators saying that man called pelosi's homes in california and in washington, as well as her husband's office. he's 48-year-old gregory giusti, arrested ye
's interesting. >>> toyota is now recalling cars because of a deceleration problem. jennifer westhoven, good morning. this is the toyota sequoyah suv. you come to a stop sign, and you go to hit the gas, and the acceleration is not catching. this is for the 2003 models. if you have one, contact your toyota dealer for repairs. >>> let's check your family finances two new resources. the new york stock exchange has a site called money sense for advice for saving for retirement, taking out a loan, creating a household budget. maybe if you don't have a 401(k), you may feel i don't know where to go on the web to learn these things. here's something for when you want to teach your kids financial lessons. they are making a e ing ing a cd warren buffett secret millionaires club. he has simple lessons kids could learn. he says things like derivatives are weapons of mass destruction. >> he's classic for the one lines. >> they there will be 26 episodes that will be online to help kids form good money habits. back to you. >> kids of all ages. we can all tune in. >>> the other woman in the john edwards sca
save money by combining operations. >>> just five days before toyota's historic recall, an executive warned colleagues they needed to come clean about acceleration problems. e-mail from that executive revealed strong concerns that toyota officials were not properly addressing safety problems. toyota has declined to comment. the automaker has recalled more than 6 million vehicles in the u.s. >>> well, here is a look at the thursday forecast. there will be rain along the coast in the pacific northwest and snow in the mountains of montana and idaho. showers and thunderstorms are possible from the gulf coast to the northeast. >> the east coast will see another warm day before a big cool-off by tomorrow. the midwest will be a little cooler than usual with minneapolis and fargo in the 50 southwest is sunny and seasonable with phoenix and l.a. in the 80s. >>> the french spider-man is back doing what he does best. climbing tall buildings and being arrested. elaine robert returned to his home in paris where he scaled a 607-foot office building. police were of course waiting for him at the top
to about 10%. >>> u.s. safety officials are saying just so you know, they could have fined toyota more than $13 billion. meaning that's how much the fine could have been if there hadn't been a cap on that. the law does cap the fines of 16 million, you may remember that federal officials, the nhtsa, did fine toyota $16 million. a lot less, $16 billion, though, they're saying is what it could have been. now the agency is also saying it's considering a second fine because, according to it, it says there were two separate defects in gas pedals. toyota says it has taken steps to improve communication so it wouldn't be on the hook for that fine, susan. basically what they said was, they found out about it. they're supposed to tell the government five days. they waited two months is what the government says happened. >> all righty. jen, thank you for that. appreciate it. >>> if you've done it lately, you know moving can be a pain, a chore. but it can be even more daunting for older folks. stephanie elam tells us about a company that takes the heavy lifting out of the process in this "small busines
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this morning an urgent warning about another toyota vehicle. "consumer reports" says the new lexus gx-460 is not safe and you should not buy it. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. >> it is very rare for "consumer reports" to say anything like that, that's so, you know, it almost sounds inflammatory, don't buy it. you rarely see that. often they'll say we don't recommend it, or we like this better. but that's what it's saying about the 2010 lexus gx460, says it can tip over during a turn if you're on an exit ramp because there's a problem with the electronic stability control. only about 5,000 have been sold so far. we have been trying to contact lexus early this morning for some kind of a response. they did talk to the detroit free press so lex success saying "we take a serious look at this and appreciate "consumer reports" bringing it to our attention." they're saying it does exceed all federal safety requirements. we'll keep an eye on that one. >> a lot of recalls lately. thanks so much, jen. >>> two astronauts from the space shuttle "discovery" are doing their last space walk o
with that is almost impossible. >> it's truly perplexing. >>> the u.s. government is seeking to punish toyota for failure to act swiftly over its gas pedal issues. transportation secretary ray lahood is proposing that toyota pay a record fine of nearly $16.4 million after it, quote, knowingly hid a dangerous defect. documents show toyota knew about the defect back in september of last year but waited until late january to issue the recall. toyota still faces private lawsuits which could cost the automaker untold millions more in damages. that's a huge fine. >>> tiger woods took questions during a live news conference yesterday for the first time since his personal scandal broke back in november. woods talked about his affairs, his thanksgiving night accident and his wife, elin, who will not be joining him on the course. he also denied using performance enhancing drugs and discussed how he's looking forward to getting back on the course. >> that first tee i'm looking forward to it. i haven't looked forward to that tee shot in a long time. i've won numerous tournaments over the last few years,
way. you won't believe what he's saying about the president's plan to scrap the program. >>> toyota scraps an suv because of safety concerns. what do you do if you have one? . uhhh! [ laughs ] it's, uh, haunting. anyway, while i was away, the e-trade machine... thanks, martha. ...worked its technomagic, triggered my stop loss orders, saved me a pantload! [ pilot ] please fasten your seatbelts. dad? no, mike, that's the pilot. he's making an announcement! dad? ugh. [ male announcer ] upgrade to first class investing technology at e-trade. >>> 34 minutes after the hour. we're taking a look at our top stories. live pictures from downtown boston, the tea party express returning to its symbolic roots. sarah palin will head the group's tax rally tomorrow. massachusetts junior senator scott brown who was elected in thanks to tea party support will not be there. his staff says he's too busy in washington. >>> god directed me to her, that's what the man is saying about nadia bloom's miraculous rescue. she had been wandering in an alligator infested swamp four days. >>> a devastating earthqua
toyota grow. >> reporter: it takes more than just rising roadsides. >> we're reversing a downward trend inside the beltway. >> reporter: it's bringing in a new way of thinking along with a new difficulting. >> with the new art building they expect to add 5,000 residents without adding to the environmental burden. you can see the rest of the cool cities on our website, >> thanks, mel. >>> it is 7:48 right now. 53 degrees out there. singing, dancing, talking plants. recognize that? little shop of horrors has it all. >> holly is at ford theater this morning. >> reporter: they don't necessarily going together. receipt re, humor, sci-fi and horror and why else wouldn't you burst into song. it is the little shop of horrors and it is at the historic ford theateare getting action. two puppeteers will show us why you need to see this version of the show and you need to see it here. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  >>> if you are not familiar with little shop of horrors, it got it's start as a cult comedy from back in the '60s and it was made into
about toyota's troubles. but what happens with the millions of other cars made by other companies that have been recalled but never repaired? could you be driving one of them and not even know it? we'll tell you how to find out. >> lexus being recalled, as well. >>> we're going to start with the video causing outrage this morning. it appears to show riot police in maryland, wailing on a student, who is doing nothing more than celebrating a basketball victory. that has the fbi's attention. and pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: march 3rd, near the university of maryland's campus, after a big basketball win over duke. students break out in the streets to celebrate, with some getting rowdy, pulling down signs, as one of them takes this video. watch what happens when this student, who at first is doing a silly dance, apparently gets too close to this mounted officer. police pounce, slamming the student against the wall. you can hear the sound of the batons hitting, as the police deliver blow after blow, on 21-year-old john mckenna. justifiable force? or was this excessive? an unprov
's forecast looks better. >>> toyota is announcing another recall, it is a 2010 lexus gx460, which "consumer reports" said could roll over when you make a high speed turn. toyota insists the luxury suv is still save as long as you take the turn slowly. a software update will fix the problem. for more information about g to >>> arizona has just passed one of the toughest immigration bills in the country. it still needs the governor's signature but it would basically require officers to check the documents of anyone that they suspect might be in the u.s. illegally. correspondent richard lui, the critics say that this is legal racial profiling. >> what they do is believe these critics do, it leaves it up to the officers to basically make the determination if one looks like they're an an illegal citizen. alejandra gomez is afraid all latinos will be a target of police harassment if the government signs this bill into law >> right now the way things are being targeted is that all latinos are undocumented and that's absolutely not true. i'm a citizen and i'm if i'm pulle
of a two- year study. >>> as toyota trys to recover from his massive car recall, the automaker extending the deadline through the month of april on the incentives. the company will offer discounts on leases on 8 models including the camry, corolla and rav 4 and toyota is offering 0 financing and maintenance program. it's helped lift sales more than 40% last month. >>> a consumer alert that will not make flyers happy. spirit airlines is going to start charging you for carry-on bags. you have to pay between 20 and $45 each way. the wall street journal reports that spirit will be the first airline in the world to charge for carry-on bags and you can take one bag that fits underneath your seat for free. it will reduce the amount of carry-on luggage, obviously, and help passengers exit the plane faster once it lands. >>> while you're at it, maybe you would like nicer luggage for your trip? aaa and goodwill are offering trade-in program. they taking donations of gently- used luggage. in exchange, you can get a couper for $5 or $20 off a piece of l
.s. made cars superior to asian models. the shift ohing in part to -- owing in part to troubles with toyota. brian wilson live in washington on this one. how are opinions changing? >> reporter: americans now believe by a modest margin that american car companies make better quality cars than do the asian companies. % of those polls said american car companied made the best cars. you have to compare that with numbers from a similar poll in 2006. it's a shocking change. back then 29% of those believed american car companies made the best cars and 46% believed asian car companies made the better cars. that's quite a turn around *. we have a non-scientific pole on if you want to weigh in on what you think. megyn: who are the big wirns and losers. >> reporter: not surprisingly toyota is the big loser. 8 million cars recalled. that's caused toyota to take a 10-point hit. ford's reputation has surged the most. 18% said ford was the maker of the best car. ben roethlisberger may not be facing charges for the alleged sexual assault of two women but he may be paying a price. captioning mad
consumption to avoid the disease. >>> federal regulators are considering a second fine against toyota for failing to notify the government about defective accelerators in a timely manner. they say because the accelerator pedals involved in the recall exhibited two separate defects, two separate remedies may be necessary. toyota has already been fined a record $16.4 million. >>> a senator charles schumer's taking aim at airlines charging a fee for carry-on luggage calling the idea a slap in the face to travelers. the new york lawmaker is asking the treasury department to rule that carry-ons are a travel necessity which would make them exempt from extra fees. schumer says if the treasury department fails to act, he plans to introduce legislation. he thinks people have to take their medicine, that sort of thing, it's sort of crucial they're allowed to take big carry-ons. >> it could set a precedent if this goes forward. >> people are going to start shoving stuff under the seat now, it will be a mess. >>> here's your monday forecast. another stormy day out west. heavy rain from l.a. to sa
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know. it's the volkswagen polo, so who it beat or what it beat is the toyota prius, the mercedes e class and winner for world performance car, so that's probably performance car, it's the audi rv-10. that's probably if you were on a racetrack or really into feeling not necessarily the value. best green car, volkswagen's passat and the polo. i'll try to get more on exactly what they're looking for there. >>> you probably know if you go to a drive-through, you can get a big mac, a coffee, you can get a beer if you're so inclined. what about driving up to a walmart and getting a coffee pot or power tools. some big-name retailers are trying out drive-throughs because they tried it in things like the brew through in north carolina. let me tell you, that had robin giggling this morning. pictures like that. but now there are stores like sears and walmart that are testing out the idea. that's in this morning's "chicago tribune" and that's because they're trying to make it easy on you so if you want to pull up and order your vacuum, maybe you don't want to go in the store and look at all of
will be in instudio working on that thing. >>> the day after another toyota recall, the company puts another car back on the market. the giv glitch that has been fi. >>> another great day on the bay. 80 degrees, a lot of sunshine, >>> 6:13 on a friday. we're looking forward to warmer temperatures. sky hd radar, it looks very nice and will continue to do so as high pressure moves off to the east. we do see showers in pennsylvania and further points north. a lot of that is not reaching the ground with the drier air. this is reaching the ground moving through iowa, a line of showers with thunderstorms that will be brewing later in the afternoon, probably producing the possibility of severe weather there. will that be coming here later this week potentially? we will talk about later in a moment. 53 degrees at the inner harbor. winds are calm and the barometer is on the rise looking at 52 degrees starting on a mid one thimildone this time around. we are getting a wind shift in the flow today. the winds will be shifting to the southwest ask that i & and e see the temperatures getting well into the 80s toda
. >>> plus another major blow for toyota. the automakers says it will now stop selling one of its popular electric sh lexus models after "consumer reports" gave it a rare "don't buy" rating. >>> and we'll unveil the lineup for our summer concert series. trust us, it is a really good list. >>> but let's begin with serious news. a strong earthquake in qinghai, china. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. the quake struck a predominantly tibeten corner in western china known for its landscape and poverty and extremely remote location. the first quake struck at 7:49 in the morning just as people in the town were getting ready for the day. registering 6.9, the earthquake drove residents out on to the street as their homes toppled over. six aftershocks followed in quick succession in the next three hours. the main quake was centered on the tibetan plateau, an average of 12,000 feet above sea level in mountains dividing qinghai province in western china from the tibet autonomous region. a poor and remote area, the county near the epicenter had nearly 9,000 people mainly herders and farmers. it is
's been no official determination of what caused the fireball, it's pretty prominent. >>> toyota told dealers to stop selling one of its luxury suvs for a while. they'll stop making the gx 460s for at least two weeks. toyota is safety testing all suvs of that name, toyota wants to reassure everyone driving the top of the line gx460. the lexus is too dangerous to drive because it may roll over on certain turns. toyota has to sell ten corollas to make the profit of one of these big lexus models. >>> if you're looking for an apartment, right now is a great time to shop. why you have more bargaining power now. >> about one in three of us are renters. and i have special advice for you if you do rent instead of own a home. rent had been a real deal for the last couple years. and occupancies in apartments have been absolutely awful from the standpoint of being an apartment owner. new data that i saw shows that apartment rents are actually starting to rise in a number of markets, even though there are so many vacancies, why? because apartment owners are anticipating that things are getting be
about why, in fact, he made these comments. >> pete, thanks a lot. >>> toyota just announced yet another recall. this one for the 2003 sequoiya suv. owners will receive a software upgrade. it affects 50,000 vehicles. >>> any moment now the coast guard plans to set fire to the oil leaking into the gulf of mexico. the thickest oil will be kor raled to the water's surface and then ignited. an oil rig exploded last week. it's spreading a massive slick toward the coast. 11 workers presume ed dead. >>> breaking news that affects american gymnasts who competed in the 2000 olympics. the international olympic committee has stripped china of its bronze medal for those olympics for using underage female gymnasts. the u.s. team placed fourth then. now it gets the bronze medal. the ioc determined one of the china's gymnasts was only 14. and gymnasts have to turn 16 during the olympic year to be eligible. >>> in the next few minutes, president obama will begin touring an ethanol plant in missouri. it's day two of his main street tour, bringing his promise for economic recovery to the midwest. in ft. m
middle class jobs that give good wages so they can raise a family. >> will toyota recover completely? >> sure. up until they became general motors, when they became the number one car company, they started acting like general motors with arrogance and trying to skirt the law and trying to get a little more profit and they're suffering for it. >> larry: is there a major corporation you like? >> that's a good question. where are we now? timewarner. >> larry: timewarner. >> my first movie, "roger and me" warner brothers. great company. >> larry: our top 25 countdown pick of the day is next. estaura. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i'm going to work with kids. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at ah looks like somebody's a winner. ha, not me! cause shipping is a hassle. different states, different rates. n
. eurozone debt, strains and rising trade protectionism. >>> and the hits just keep on coming for toyota. moody's investors service lowering its long-term debt rating for the world's largest automaker. the firm predicts low profit levels for toyota. they cannot buy a break lately. >> no. >>> and as we wait on the latest read in the housing market with existing home sales due at the top of the hour, which is obviously in about five minutes, a glimmer of good news in the apartment area. u.s. apartment vacancy rates have stopped rising. rents have seen a modest increase in the first quarter. joining us to talk about how the markets will react to that, rod petrick with stifel nicolaus, also a real estate analyst. rod, interesting, some, you know, a hedge fund manager was on the show the other day saying apartments are the way to go because as the markets recover, people forced to live at home or with extended family, they're going to go out and rent before they buy. so, this would be consistent with overall economic improvement, wouldn't it? >> absolutely. occupancies are already high with t
. they actually give 18% of the money to the cubs, but the cubs wanted to put up this toyota sign, this big toyota sign and the rooftop owners wouldn't have anything to do with it. of course i have to have some props this morning. that includes the little nachos in a big helmet. the cubs doing their part to promote obesity in this country. right here you have the full nachos in here in the real helmet and the bison -- don't know if they're going to take it but the bison hot dog for $5.50 by tom rickets' ranch, the new owner of the cubs in wyoming. let me take a quick bite because it's required. okay. very lean like bison. it has more omega 3s than salmon and the leanest of the meats. >> does it taste like a hot dog? >> reporter: yeah, it does. they've done a really nice job. and it does taste very lean and good. throughout the day we'll be here and have the new owner of the cubs tom rickets. do i have mustard on me? tom rickets on squawk on the street. he'll talk about the whole business and how the $845 million business -- that bet will pay off. >> did i hear you correctly? you said they've redon
% respectfully. and, buyers are looking past toyota's issues and march sales of tundra jumped 94%, to 11,000 trucks. toyota had a huge month. bill: everybody is watching augusta, georgia as america watches tiger woods reenter the golf world, but not before answering questions to reporters at 2:00 p.m. eastern and what does the world's greatest golfer have to say or not say, the author of "the practice of public relations" and a pr image consultant joins us now, boy oh, boy he needs you. >> this is a big day for him. juliet: how would you rate his performance as far as pr goes. >> lousy. awful. juliet: bad. >> because he's surrounded by psychofans, people who have been with him and he's a control freak, as everybody says and he wants to be around people who will tell him what he wants to hear and ari fleisher is a good guy and he got rid of him and he called this and now has to speak up. juliet: you have points i want to you get to, you say there is basically a 6-point plan, for how he should deal with things from now on. >> what i would counsel him to do, first thing, he has to confront
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, but the associated press is reporting that lexus or toyota is announcing a complete recall of the 2010 model gx 460 suv. this is the one that was tested by consumer reports, and found to have a risk of sliding out and rolling over. "consumer reports" came out with a do not buy warning on this. toyota then said it tested the gx 460s and was able to emulate the result that "consumer reports" found. as a result now, we are hearing from the associated press, we are trying to confirm this ourselves, that lexus gx 460s, the 2010 newly redesigned model, will be recalled. we're going to stay on that. our team is on this story, trying to get you the information that we can. we'll get it to you as soon as we have it. when we come back, one place in america that doesn't want history to repeat itself when it comes to the recession. what are they doing about it? they're going back in time. and we could actually learn something from them. we'll tell you about that when we come back. to stay on top of my game after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has ging
was the country's worst mining accident in four decades. toyota now recalling all 2010 lexus g.x. 460 vehicles. the car company is updating software in the stability control system in all of the 34,000 that they produced. the fix is supposed to prevent rollovers. "consumer reports" raised warnings about the problem just last week and issued a rare "do not buy this vehicle" warning. over to you. >> thank you so much, steve. he's a 25-year-old construction veteran -- not 25 years old actually. he's been in the construction business for 25 years. he was overseeing massive multimillion dollar projects in new york city. his new mission is working with much smaller clients on a new reality show. take a look. >> now, we use our expertise to help the little guys. small businesses about to go under because of bad contractors and botched construction. we start with demolition and in just four days, transform disasters into dreams. >> charlie is the host and the force behind "construction intervention." and also, with us is walter lewis, a new york firefighter whose restaurant "just winging it" is one o
, production for toyota soared. toyota cars and trucks have been the subject of a u.s. government investigation and at least three major separate recalls in the past year. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> coming up fighting fire house closures. how the firefighters union hopes to keep the doors open. >>> and more reports of violence inside of a west baltimore elementary school. i'm megan gilliland, what the teacher's union is expected to do today to protect your children. >> reporter: i'm joel d smith live at fells point where the governor will kickoff his re-election campaign [wind rustling] [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) >>> 6:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. another rainy start to the morning. will it continue? meteorologist steve fertig is here with the that answer. >>> just a chance for a spotty shower, but really we're going to see drier trend -- or tre
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by greece could derail recovery efforts here in the united states. jon: "happening now", toyota troubles, the japanese carmaker is voluntarily recalling about 50,000 sequoia suvs from the 2003 mole year to fix a stability control problem. >>> middle box, nearly all of anne electronic's diary is on display for the first time inside the amsterdam home where she hid from the nazis for two years. >>> bottom box a rare spring snowstorm socking new england, some spots in northern vermont hit with more than a foot of snow. jane: time for a quick check of the markets as investors are worrying whether a growing financial crisis in greece could we see something similar in the united states and could it affect our markets. analysts say the problems are to blame. demonstrators have taken to athens after the nation's credit rating is downgraded to junk status. these problems may seem like a world away, but the problems they're facing there today could potentially be our problems in the not-too-distant future. greg palkot is live in london. what's the latest? >> reporter: as that drama continues to pl
. at the top of the hour. jane: 41 minutes past the hour, "happening now" in your top box, toyota is resuming sales of its suv, the gx 460. the car company had suspended sales because of the rollover concerns. it says a software fix for the problem is available at your dealership. >>> in the middle the government is recalling thousands of simplicity and ghraib codrop did graco dropside cribs. the defect is linked to at least one debt. >>> on the bottom, rivals to thailand anti-government protesters are calling for military action with the red shirt activists blamed for plunging bangkok into chaos last several weeks. the red shirts as they're known are fighting for new elections. jon: new, never-before-seen footage of volcano in iceland. you remember it shut down your spleen airspace for days. grounded 10 of thousands of airplanes around the world. guess what? a "national geographic" team was first video crew on the scene of that violent volcano. they captured every dramatic moment before, during and after the eruption. joining us is the director of that team. you had people on the ground even
, folks. the toyota crisis is causing a big shift in attitudes about u.s. automakers. our money expert jennifer westhoven is here with that. okay, i'm ready for this. >> now, that's good news for detroit, but even first i'm just going to tell you, this is just in, cnn has just learned that general motors has indeed wider more than $5 billion, $5.4 billion to the u.s. treasury overnight so they are making a payback with interest and ahead of schedule. they have more to pay but that is good news for all of us as taxpayers that we're being paid back but it's good news gm is doing well enough that they can pay us back. >>> for the first time in years, i feel like this is another head-turner. americans say american cars are best. american cars are best. this is a new ap poll just out this morning. slightly more americans said the u.s. makes a better quality car. this is after a long romance with foreign rivals like japanese automobiles. the survey suggests that it is largely because of the big problems that happened at toyota. you know those. and an upsurge in ford's reputation. >>> thousan
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's stockpile of weapons. >>> toyota has two weeks to decide if it will pay a record fine or fight it. the government has proposed a $16 million penalty accusing the company of hiding pedal problems that led to unintended acceleration. >>> and in business news, a sign of the times. and good news for iphone users. this morning at&t announced it will spend $1 billion to upgrade its network and expand its services, all to keep pace with the shift from voice mmunications to data and video. >>> and now, a look at what's coming up tonight on "world news." diane sawyer is in west virginia. >> i'm diane sawyer. and tonight, on "world news," we have been here all night. we will be here all day in west virginia. to tell you the stories of what happened inside this mine, this mountain, and the families awaiting the news. brian ross will have more of his investigation, his encounter with the man who runs this mine. and tonight, i'll take you deep inside a mountain to show you what it's like to try to make your way out of a mine when there's nothing but darkness and fear. and that's coming up toni
] meet the family and the new sienna on youtube. toyota. nutri-grain -- one good decision... can lead to another. ♪ made with real fruit and now with more... of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. >>> this morning on "today's" consumer, sleeping your way to better health with the perfect mattress. finding the right bed at the right price could have you tossing and turning. consumer reports senior product editor todd marks has the advice for us this morning on how to fit your style and budget. good morning. >> good morning. >> you say it's one of the most popular topic s in consumer reports. >> aside from car. >> you don't rate mattresses like television and cars. why not? >> people are furious at us sometimes. >> give me the number one. >> we hear that all the time. the problem is, there is no magic bullet. there's no best mattress type, firmness level for anybody. it's what you find most comfortable. >> people find that hard to accept. >> it is but the good news is we've durability tested mattresses for years. they're all apt to stand up u
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